We fabricate and install pipework for a range of applications, whatever the requirements, we can provide an efficient, cost-effective solution.


Hot & Cold Water
Air Lines, including – Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen
Steam Systems
Diary Pipes
Pipe Lagging

Types of pipework installations:

Stainless Steel – Welded, threaded or mapress
Mild Steel – Welded, threaded, Mapress
Copper – Copper brazed, Mapress
PVC and ABS – Threaded & solvent weld
Aluminium – Compression for air lines

We will work closely with you to create a pipework specification which meets your requirements and environment.

The Hidden Costs of Air Leaks

Faults or leaks on any system, whether it is water, steam or air, will cost your company money and wasted energy. Some of the causes of leaks can be: holes in pipe, faulty joint connections, expansion/contraction stresses, corrosion and bad solder work.

The table below shows the potential cost and energy wasted in your company for air leaks in your pipework.

Equivalent hole diameter (mm) Air lost in leaks (NI/min) Annual energy waste (kWh) Annual cost of leaks (£)
0.4 12 132 16
0.8 48 528 68
1.6 192 2,112 273
3.2 768 8,448 1,097
6.4 3,072 33,792 4,389
12.7 12,288 135,168 17,558